Phuong Bac Industry and Trading Joint Stock Company ( PBJSC ) is one of the first enterprises in Vietnam pioneering in chemical industry equipment, was established in October 2005. During over 10 years, PBJSC has been continuously developing the market and increasingly affirming the brand. Most of the customers of PBJSC are manufacturers and all of our products have been thoroughly tested before being delivered to customers. With high – skilled workers, good service, we always affirm the position in customers.
PBJSC ‘s products include the following ones:

1. Agrochemicals:
a. Fertilizer production: We provide products that are trace elements in fertilizer such as zinc sulphate, copper sulphate, additives (organic pigments, binders).
b. Additives for the food industry, raw materials for the feed grade.
2. Veterinary pharmaceuticals:

Supplying raw materials to pharmaceutical companies producing veterinary drugs.
3. Mining Grade
a. Mining chemical
PBJSC  provides industrial chemicals such as pine oil, xanthate extractor for mining.
b. Equipments
The equipments that PBJSC provides are mainly for the mining industry.
PBJSC is known not only as one of the private enterprises trading in industrial equipments, but also highly appreciated by financial investment development strategies and human resource development strategies. .
The main aim of PBJSC in business is to develop relationships with strategic partners. By this direction, PBJSC defined a long-term vision of building PB JSC into a strong and sustainable brand which links the benefits of PBJSC  with the benefits of the community and the benefits of the society.